Clear signal. Zero noise.

A big part of knowledge work requires manually checking and categorizing tons of incoming data. Our best-in-class AI can help do the tedious work for you, and you can focus on the things that really matter.

From the creators of Murmel.

Label, Check, Filter ✅

Let our categorization AI do the boring work for you.

Bring in your content

Divide and manage your work with projects. Add content manually, or choose from the thousands of sources we track - blogs, news sites, magazines, online communities - you name it.

Train your own ML models

Train machine learning models with as little as couple of samples, and watch them separate the rest of your content into different groups.

You gain full control over the training process and the selection criteria. This makes GROUPD perfect for categorizing based on sentiment, detecting inaccurate or fake news, topic clustering, and so much more.

Gain actionable knowledge

Get the most out of the automatically categorized data. Export it in meaningful ways, or set up automatic triggers based on new items that match your criteria.